how to have twins

Is it really possible to control whether you will have twins or not? Some people do believe that you can find out how to have twins and that there are even some specific steps you can take regarding how to have twins naturally in order to increase your chances.

Of course if twins already run in your family your odds should be greater than if they don’t, but even then it’s not always guaranteed.

There are many women without any multiple births in their family tree that get completely surprised when they find out they are having twins, like me. But what a wonderful surprise!

And then there are others who think surely they MUST be destined for twins or maybe even triplets because of their family history, but then no such luck.

How to Have Twins Naturally – Can You Improve Your Chances of Having Twins?

If you are trying to find out how to have twins and wondering if there’s anything that you can do to help make that happen, then here are a just a few things that you can try that are believed to contribute to whether a woman may be more likely to have twins:

  • Diet – Eating more of certain foods such as dairy and yams
  • Waiting until you’re older to conceive – younger women are less likely to have twins
  • Women with a higher amount of weight on their bodies
  • Taller women are more likely to have twins
  • African American women have more twins than Caucasians, and Asian women have the least


How To Have Twins – Do You Really Have Any Say?

Of course some things you obviously don’t have any control over, like how tall you are or what nationality you are! But it has been suggested for many years that there is a connection between eating a large amount of yams resulting in a higher percentage of twin births.

Recently it is also suggested that a diet high in dairy may play a role. That may go hand in hand with the higher body weight as well, as a lot of dairy products are also high in fat!

It’s more likely however that because a diet high in milk will also contain plenty of the growth hormones that the dairy cows are fed and then passed along to you when you drink it. Is that reason to drink more milk if you really want to increase your chances of having twins? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

One thing is for sure and that’s if you do become pregnant with twins, you’ll want to make sure you do everything possible to ensure that you have a healthy twin pregnancy!

Most of these tips about how to have twins are for increasing your chances at conceiving fraternal twins, which is when there are 2 separate eggs that are fertilized, as opposed to one single fertilized egg that splits in two, resulting in identical twins. But then that’s a whole other topic!