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Ok, so you know you’re pregnant and now you’ve just found out you’re having twins! What can you do to make sure you have a healthy twin pregnancy?

Along with immediately getting yourself on a twin pregnancy diet, choosing the right OB/GYN is very important. If you’re not 100% comfortable with your existing doctor for whatever reason, for example you feel that he/she isn’t an expert with multiple pregnancies or doesn’t have much experience delivering twins, then by all means look for another one who does.

My first doctor planned on putting me into bed rest at 4 months. I sought a second opinion and found a wonderful doctor who thought that was completely unnecessary in my situation. She took excellent care of me and I actually carried my girls past full term and into overtime!

Now this may not turn out to be the case for everyone, but it still doesn’t hurt to check anyways. I’m so glad I did because I would have gone crazy being stuck in bed all that time!

A Healthy Twin Pregnancy – Your New Diet

You can forget right now about “eating for two”. You’re really eating for three now and it’s essential that you get plenty of the healthy calories you need to support yourself plus two growing fetuses during your twin pregnancy week by week. For a healthy twin pregnancy, it’s absolutely vital that you get the extra nutrients and vitamins needed to support proper growth and formation of the babies, including enough calcium, iron, and folic acid.

Plan on gaining more weight than if you were pregnant with a single baby. For a healthy twin pregnancy gaining 35 – 45 pounds is recommended at the very least, and gaining more is ok too, especially in the first 2 trimesters when there is so much growth happening.

Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy – Keep an Eye on the Babies with Ultrasound

You can expect to not only see your doctor more frequently than you would with a single baby pregnancy, but to have more ultrasounds too.

Keeping watch on their growth through ultrasounds is important to make sure the babies are growing on schedule and also that their growth is equal.

Using ultrasound your doctor can monitor growth and weight, and sometimes even be able to determine the sex of the babies with near accuracy. Ultrasounds will also alert the doctor to problems that may be occurring with the babies and with the mother as well, such as placenta previa.


Even when you’re feeling really terrific during your pregnancy it is still very important that you visit your doctor for your check ups, maintain a healthy diet, and get plenty of rest.  A multiple pregnancy carries a certain amount of risk factors, more so than a single pregnancy, and it’s essential to be aware of that and do everything that you can to have yourself a healthy twin pregnancy!

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