Before you know it, your new baby will have arrived. Those months between now and then, can be both great and stressful. Use the tips discussed in this article to alleviate that stress. These helpful tips are guaranteed to ease your mind.

Since your bladder capacity is reduced during pregnancy, reduce how much you drink in the evenings so you’ll sleep better. Be sure that you’re taking in enough water throughout the day, but take it slow after you eat dinner and before bed. That is going to cut the necessity of having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

If your diet is less than nutritious, it’s time to make a change for yourself and your little one. If fast food was a staple in your diet, you’ll have to change that as it’s not healthy for you or the baby. Eat more lean proteins, fruits and vegetables as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

TIP! Carefully go through your home and eliminate any chemicals that could cause harm to your unborn baby. Some of the chemicals you should avoid are found in cleaning solution, so consider replacing your normal brand with a natural one.

Purchase your maternity clothes and bras when you need them. They will make you comfortable and having clothes that you need for leaving the house while pregnant will come in very handy. Don’t be afraid to purchase maternity clothes early on. It is up to you to make the right choices in comfort and fashion for yourself.

Learning your monthly cycle is important when you are planning on getting pregnant. You can use what you know about your cycle to choose the days with the highest chance to conceive to try for that baby. This will help you find a precise due date since you will be able to tell during which period of time you got pregnant.

If there is a cat living in your household, draft a family member to change the litter box while you are pregnant. While a woman is pregnant, these chemicals in a used litter box can actually cause a lot of toxic harm. Make sure you have someone else do this if you are the one that is pregnant. You can ask your spouse, another family member or even a friendly neighbor.

TIP! Avoid Vitamin A when you are pregnant. Vitamin A can sometimes damage your developing baby.

Eat small meals to help with the nausea that can happen in the first trimester. You may find that your stomach is more settled this way. Concentrate on eating foods that are light and fresh. Eat lots of lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Bear in mind that even healthy, fertile women can try for up to twelve months before becoming pregnant. If you have been trying for that long and are not having any success, it is time to go see your doctor. A doctor can tell you if everything is okay or if there’s something stopping you from getting pregnant.

Work with a doula. Doulas are trained birth coaches. They can provide you with lots of support, ideas and strength during the labor of delivering your baby. Having your partner by your side is a comfort, but having someone that is trained and knowledgeable is amazing.

TIP! Tour birthing facilities when you reach the end of your pregnancy. It is important that you are okay with the place where you will give birth.

Know what the indications of premature labor are and when you should take action by calling your physician. Of course, hopefully, you’ll never have a need to actually use the information. Still, it is good to be prepared just in case. The earlier you are able to do something about possible preterm labor, the better your chances will be for a good outcome.

It’s crucial that you be tested for pregnancy the very moment you think you might be pregnant. The longer you wait, the more complications can arise.

If you due date is past and you want to bring on delivery, try walking. This gentle exercise can nudge the baby into the birthing position. See if you can get your partner to join. Don’t use techniques that are dangerous, like contact exercising.

TIP! A pregnant woman in her third trimester should sleep on her left side. Sleeping on your left provides your baby with a good blood supply, and allows easy circulation to your kidneys as well as the uterus.

Make sure you remember to make time for your spouse while you are pregnant too. More than likely, they are feeling just as nervous about the baby as you are, and they probably need reassurance, too. You should try to spend time together as a couple by going out on a date. Enjoy the time you have before your new addition comes!

Be sure to be checked for sexually transmitted diseases if you are pregnant. You will find that these diseases will make you and your little one harmed if you do not treat them. Most tests for STDs are done with a blood, urine or pap smear sample. If you are tested positive, you may need to deliver your baby by caesarian section.

Ensure that you understand all of the symptoms and signs of going into labor prematurely. Do as much research on this subject, so you can contact your doctor should you experience these symptoms.

TIP! Your doctor or nurse will check your legs and feet for edema during each prenatal visit. This could be a harmless symptom, or be a sign of a high blood pressure condition also known as preeclampsia.

Pregnant Women

It is best to avoid dealing with cat litter during pregnancy. Toxoplasmosis is a risk for pregnant women that you can contract from contact with cat litter. Cats are a host for the toxoplasmosis life cycle, and if the infection is passed to the fetus, the consequences in pregnant women can lead to miscarriage, birth abnormalities and stillbirth.

If you must travel while pregnant, avoid places where proper medical care will not be readily available to you. You must be close to a doctor during your entire pregnancy in case you experience complications. Keep a cell phone with you, too.

TIP! Read up on the birth process and how it works. Birth stories are from a mother’s perspective, unlike clinical books.

Get your flu shot. You will find the immune system less effective during pregnancy, increasing your risk for contracting the flu. A healthy immune system can improve the health of your baby.

During pregnancy, your body needs adequate support as you sleep. You can buy a pillow that is made for your pregnant body in many different stores. If you don’t have one of these, then regular pillows can still offer support. Try to sleep with a pillow beneath your knees and one beneath your stomach.

Take time to write down your birth plan. Your birth plan should cover expectations of others that help with the delivery. Don’t forget your hospital bag which should include your birth plan, clothes, health insurance, pre-registration documents, and camera.

TIP! Human skin can stretch a lot, but only so far. It is perfectly normal for the belly to itch as it is growing during pregnancy.

If a sickness or food gives you diarrhea while pregnant, drink lots and lots of fluids. Diarrhea can lead to dehydration, which may require hospitalization and IV fluids.

Don’t feel bad declining food from food-pushers. You need to consume more calories when pregnant. but it is not necessary to eat all the time. Saying that you’re thankful but don’t wish to eat at the time is something you need to practice doing.

Don’t use douches while pregnant! Using these products can cause your baby to develop health issues. Have your doctor check for a UTI if you do begin to notice an odor.

TIP! It can be hard to sleep when you’re pregnant. Sleep is especially a challenge in the third trimester when it can become very uncomfortable.

Wait until after you’ve eaten to go grocery shopping. Expect to crave junk food and other unhealthy snacks during pregnancy. Although you can occasionally have a treat, it is wise to eat a healthy diet for the health of you and your unborn baby. If you’re not hungry while you’re shopping, you’re much more likely to stick to your list.

Make sure to eat foods high in iron or take an iron supplement when you are pregnant. You have a higher blood volume while pregnant and your body will need more iron. This also helps the placenta and the fetus.

During the last two trimesters of your pregnancy, you will need 300 more calories every day. Diabetes, hypertension and longer intervals of labor are all side effects of excess pregnancy weight. Make smart food choices and eat in moderation, just as you did before your pregnancy.

TIP! Pregnancy is a gradual learning process. There are many books you can get from the library or bookstore to inform yourself about the whole process.

Pregnancy is one subject that you really can’t ever learn enough about. This article can help you obtain important information to have a healthier pregnancy. In no time at all, the pregnancy will be over and motherhood will begin.

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