After your pregnancy is complete, you may find it hard to lose the pregnancy weight. Several things can impact how quickly or slowly the weight comes off. A new baby usually brings sleep deprivation and new stress, so enjoy the baby while they are still inside of you. On top of all this, you may find that it’s hard to keep your own health in mind. But, there are some things you can do improve your health during pregnancy. Luckily for you, this article will go over the things that you must do to have a worry free pregnancy.

Create a bedtime routine in order to improve your sleeping schedule when pregnant. Have a routine that is consistent at night so your body will be better equipped to sleep well. Use soothing tools like a shower that is warm, a good book or getting a massage.

If you do not feel well while you are pregnant, you should not hesitate to decline any invitations to social events. Everyone will understand your situation. You may not have expected to feel as tired and nauseated as you have been, or envisaged how frequently you have to go to the bathroom. Don’t force yourself into anything uncomfortable.

TIP! Toss any harmful chemicals before or as soon as you get pregnant. Cleaning solutions can be bad for a pregnancy, so look for ones that are made with natural additives instead.

See your dentist if you are pregnant and care for your teeth. Pregnancy is actually known to cause many dental problems, including gingivitis. Make sure that you continue to brush your teeth twice a day and use dental floss along with mouthwash. Visit your dentist with any problems.

You need to increase your calories by 300-500 a day during pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, you are consuming for two, so it is important you and your baby are both fed. Work on eating healthy whole foods, like fruits and vegetables.

If you are experiencing constipation during your pregnancy, eat more fibrous foods like fruits, veggies and whole wheat products. These issues are caused by the extra hormones in your system, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed about your problem. Avoid this uncomfortable condition by eating plenty of fiber!

TIP! It’s normal to become very excited about decorating your baby’s nursery. Be careful to think about the fumes you may be exposing your fetus to.

If you have an upset stomach early in your pregnancy, eating small meals frequently may help. Always having food in your stomach can ease stomach problems. Eat healthy, light fare as well, like salads. Fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meats do wonders.

Enroll in pregnancy classes early on during your pregnancy. This will help to explain some of the things to expect, which should eliminate some of the stress that comes from fear of the unknown. If a question isn’t answered, then this is also the perfect place to ask.

If you have any cravings during your pregnancy, try not to give in to them. Put your baby’s needs first when making your food choices. If you eat too much of one thing, this is only benefiting you, not your unborn child.

TIP! Do not change cat litter if you think you are pregnant. The reason behind why women are not suppose to change a cats litter box while pregnant is because of toxoplasmosis.

Blood Flow

Women in the third trimester of pregnancy should always sleep on their left side. This optimizes blood flow to the kidneys and uterus, and most importantly, your baby. Try not to sleep on your back; this position can adversely affect blood flow.

In late pregnancy it’s common to experience leg cramps. This is normal but can be avoided by stretching before bed. Drinking plenty of water can help you avoid them also, as can eating plenty of bananas.

TIP! Good support for your body, while you’re sleeping or resting, is very important for an expectant mother. Many stores offer special body pillows specifically designed for the pregnant woman.

When pregnant, it is wise to consume bland foods such as crackers throughout your day. Bland foods, such as crackers, will calm the nausea and vomiting. Foods that are acidic or greasy will give you heartburn and aggravate the nausea.

Preparing a room for the baby is very exciting for both parents. That said, don’t get near any VOC paint. Keep the windows open while the painting is taking place. Have friends help you do the hard stuff.

Avoid hot tubs and saunas when pregnant. Extreme heat from sources like these are not good for a growing baby, so they should be avoided. Some spa oils may induce contractions even during the first few months of pregnancy. Clary sage, juniper and rosemary should be avoided.

TIP! Pregnancy can intensify the sense of smell, making everyday odors nauseating. Carrying a handkerchief with a soothing scent like lavender oil can be helpful.

Do not change the cat litter while pregnant. Toxoplasmosis is dangerous to pregnant women who change cat litter. Cats can be a host for this and the infection can pass to the fetus which can lead to stillbirth, birth defects, or a miscarriage.

Leg cramping happens a lot later in a pregnancy. Be sure to stretch prior to retiring for the night, and you are sure to experience fewer cramps. A high intake of fluids, particularly water, will also help keep cramps away, but make sure to drink water throughout the day, rather than right before bed, in order to prevent frequent wakings related to a full bladder.

If you have a friend who has just given birth, pick her mind, and find out some of the tips and tricks that she used during her pregnancy. First-hand knowledge is always best, as it is based on true life experiences that you can really learn from.

TIP! Towards the end of the second trimester, massage your belly on a daily basis. Lay with a couple pillows behind you so that you don’t lay flat on a bed or couch.

If a sickness or food gives you diarrhea while pregnant, drink lots and lots of fluids. Diarrhea can cause anyone to have dehydration, but if you’re pregnant, you can be hospitalized and hooked up to some intravenous fluids.

Give swimming a try during the later months of pregnancy. Swimming keeps you active and can help with any aches and pains you may be having. The weightless feeling when you swim is very relaxing.

Maternity clothing is important to a mother’s comfort. A lot of women like to wear their regular clothes for as long as they can because they just don’t want to buy ‘pregnancy clothes’. Comfort is key during pregnancy, and you will be much happier in maternity clothes that are actually designed for the changes your body is experiencing during this time.

TIP! When you are pregnant, you should consider taking an HIV test. If by chance the result comes back positive, at least you will be able to take the proper precautions with your OB-GYN to help ensure the baby does not contract the disease.

Approaching your 3rd trimester, go ahead and get your overnight hospital bag packed. If you wait, you’ll end up rushing at the last minute. Some essential items are a fully charged camera with extra batteries, your insurance card and ID, and your birth plan.

Unless a doctor advises otherwise, keep on exercising while you are pregnant. Many low-impact activities can actually help you throughout your pregnancy and make your labor less arduous.

Sleep is especially important during pregnancy to keep your energy up and to help your developing baby grow properly. To set the right environment for a restful night’s sleep, you should wear comfortable sleepwear and keep the temperature of your room at a comfortable level.

TIP! Speak with your doctor to determine what you need to do before becoming pregnant. There may be lifestyle changes that need to be implemented immediately.

Don’t sit down for extended intervals. After a long day some pregnant women will experience swollen feet and legs. This is most likely because of the significant increase of fluids in your body during pregnancy. Swelling gets pronounced when you sit for a long while, such as at your desk or in your car. To get rid of the swelling, lay on the left side when falling asleep, soak your feet, do not wear tight socks and don’t cross the ankles.

After adjusting your lifestyle somewhat, you should be more successful with losing weight after your pregnancy. You might need some time to get accustomed to things, but your life has already changed in some major ways. Use the information located in this article to stay happy and healthy during your pregnancy.

Always use the highest rated sunscreen possible when you are out in the summer sun during pregnancy. Melanin production is increased when the sun strikes your skin, especially when you are pregnant. This can cause a condition called “pregnancy mask.” You can easily skip out on this facial redness by protecting your face from the sun.

TIP! Consider hiring the services of a doula. Doulas are women experienced in aiding women through pregnancy and childbirth.

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